Dreams are meant to be LIVED.

STYLE: ambient,  artistic,  inspirational

GENRE: Documentary, narrative fiction


Based in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, Cinema Dreams LLC is a video production company led by a passionate, queer woman-of-color. The company’s core commitment lies in crafting narratives with a pronounced emphasis on highlighting the diverse stories of women.

The videos produced capture the diverse experiences within this community giving voice to stories generally underrepresented in common media. Operating as a one-person show, Cinema Dreams LLC strives to create compelling and diverse storytelling. Utilizing various tools from traditional videography techniques to innovative AI tools, the company brings these stories to life.

Cinema Dreams LLC’s commitment to equity is evident as earnings from freelance ventures are reinvested into producing content that focuses on these diverse communities.

With a unique blend of artistry and advocacy, Cinema Dreams LLC actively contributes to fostering a media landscape that embraces more inclusivity. 

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